Texas Champion Gymnastics Class Schedule and Pricing

Monthly Class Prices

Texas Champion Gymnastics All Class Schedule      
10:30-11:15am 3-4years old9:30-10:25am Beg/Int Girls 6-12yrs
11:15-12:00pm 4-5years old9:30-10:25am Advanced Tumbling 8+yrs
12:00-12:55pm HS Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrs12:00-12:45pm 3-4years old Boys
12:00-12:55pm HS Beg/Int Boys 6-8yrs12:00-12:55pm HS Advanced Boys 6-8yrs10:30-11:15am 3-5years old
12:00-12:55pm HS Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrs10:30-11:25am Beg/Int Tumbling 7+
1:00-1:55pm HS Beg/Int Girls 6-10yrsWalk In Gymnastics 1:00-2:30pm No Registration1:00-1:55pm HS Beg/Int Boys 6-10yrs
1:00-1:55pm HS Beg/Int Girls 6-10yrs11:30-12:25pm Beg/Int Girls 6-12yrs
2:00-3:25pm HS Advanced Girls 7+yrs2:00-2:55pm HS Beg/Int Girls 10+yrs2:00-2:45pm 3-4years old11:30-12:25pm Beg/Int Boys 6-11yrs
2:00-2:55pm HS Tumbling for Teens2:00-3:25pm HS Advanced Girls 7+yrs
4:00-4:55pm Beg/Int Girls 6-12yrs4:00-4:55pm Int Trampoline and Tumbling4:00-4:55pm Boys Beg/Int4:00-4:55pm Beg 5-7yrs Trampoline and Tumbling4:00-4:55pm Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrs
4:00-4:55pm Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrs
4:00-4:45pm 4-5years old
4:30-5:25pm Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrs4:30-5:25pm Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrs
4:30-5:15pm 4-5years old
5:00-5:55pm Boys Beg/Int5:00-5:55pm Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrs5:00-5:55pm Beg 8+yrs Trampoline and Tumbling5:00-5:55pm Beg/Int Girls 6-11yrs
5:00-5:45pm 4-5years old5:00-5:45pm 3-4years old
5:30-6:25pm Beg/Int Girls 8+yrs5:30-6:25pm Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrs
5:30-6:25pm Beg/Int Girls 8+yrs
6:00-6:55pm Backhandsprings Ages 7+6:00-6:55pm Beg/Int Girls 9+yrs
6:00-7:25pm Int/Adv Girls 8+yrs
6:30-7:15pm 3-5years old6:30-7:15pm 3-5years old
6:30-7:55pm Int/Adv Girls 8+yrs6:30-7:55pm Int/Adv Girls 8+yrs
7:00-7:55pm Adult Gymnastics
8:00-8:55pm Layouts and Fulls Ages 7+

1 Hour Rec Classes

Recreational Classes Lasting 60 minutes.

90 Minute Rec Classes

Recreational Classes Lasting 90 minutes.

HomeSchool Rec 60

Recreational Classes Lasting 60 minutes.

HomeSchool Rec 90

Recreational Classes Lasting 90 minutes.

Open Gym

Drop-In Classes, 90 Minutes