Recreational Gymnastics

Recreational gymnastics classes are for school-aged boys and girls who are interested in learning the basics of the sport in a fun and noncompetitive environment. Our program is designed to improve each child’s core body strength, coordination and self confidence.  Classes are arranged by age; however, within each class, students will progress at their own pace and are grouped by skill level. Instruction is provided on each piece of gymnastics apparatus and all students participate in age appropriate stretching and conditioning.

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PRE-SCHOOL: 3-5 years (Co-Ed)

Our preschool gymnastics classes for 3-5 year olds are designed to improve your child’s motor skills, balance, and self confidence. Your child will have fun learning the sport of gymnastics with our dedicated staff.


These classes are designed for those young gymnasts, (ages 5-7 years) who have been identified by our coaching staff to have the potential and desire to “Race” through our recreational program.  The goal of this program is to improve your gymnast’s core strength, body awareness, balance, confidence as well as the skills needed to move into our pre-team group. Your child will have fun learning the sport of gymnastics with the goal of someday becoming one of the “big kids” in our gym.

10:30-11:15am 3-4years old10:30-11:15am 3-5years old
11:15-12:00pm 4-5years old
12:00-12:45pm 3-4years old Boys
2:00-2:45pm 3-4years old
4:00-5:00pm 4-5years old
4:30-5:15pm 4-5years old
5:00-5:45pm 4-5years old5:00-5:45pm 3-4years old
6:30-7:15pm 3-5years old6:30-7:15pm 3-5years old


These classes are for the beginner gymnast. In this class children will be taught basic skills such as:  body positions, how to stretch, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, sit-ups, push-ups, chin hangs  and control when jumping on trampoline.  This is the right class if this is your child’s first gymnastics class or if they are unable to perform these skills.


Children entering  this class should be able to demonstrate the following with good form and proper technique: cartwheel, handstand, bridge, body control on trampoline, chin hold for 10 sec, pull over with a light spot and the ability to use a spring board.  Skills your gymnast will learn in this class include: round-off, back bend, back walkover, pullover, climbing rope, increased core strength, increased flexibility.


This class is for those children who have mastered the gymnastics basics and are ready to learn more advanced skills.  This class will continue to focus on core strength and flexibility as well as skills.  These include things like:  back handsprings, round off back handsprings, front walkovers and front handsprings.

Recreational Gymnastics, Cheer Tumbling, and Trampoline and Tumbling      
4:00-4:55pm Beg/Int Girls 6-12yrs4:00-4:55pm Int Trampoline and Tumbling4:00-4:55pm Boys Beg/Int4:00-4:55pm Beg 5-7yrs Trampoline and Tumbling4:00-4:55pm Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrs9:30-10:25am Beg/Int Girls 6-12yrs
4:00-4:55pm Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrs9:30-10:25am Advanced Tumbling 8+yrs
4:30-5:25pm Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrs4:30-5:25pm Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrs
5:00-5:55pm Boys Beg/Int5:00-5:55pm Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrs5:00-5:55pm Beg 8+yrs Trampoline and Tumbling5:00-5:55pm Beg/Int Girls 6-11yrs10:30-11:25am Beg/Int Tumbling 7+
5:30-6:25pm Beg/Int Girls 8+yrs5:30-6:25pm Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrs
5:30-6:25pm Beg/Int Girls 8+yrs11:30-12:25pm Beg/Int Girls 6-12yrs
6:00-6:55pm Backhandsprings Ages 7+6:00-6:55pm Beg/Int Girls 9+yrs11:30-12:25pm Beg/Int Boys 6-11yrs
6:00-7:25pm Int/Adv Girls 8+yrs
6:30-7:55pm Int/Adv Girls 8+yrs6:30-7:55pm Int/Adv Girls 8+yrs
7:00-7:55pm Adult Gymnastics
8:00-8:55pm Layouts and Fulls Ages 7+

NOTE:  Classes labeled (wait) will begin once 3 students are on the wait list for that class.  Parents on the wait-list will be notified once the class is open.